Big john little john

Big John, Little John was an NBC network Saturday morning sitcom produced by Sherwood Schwartz, starring Herbert Edelman as "Big John" and Robbie Rist as "Little John."

The show premiered on September 11, 1976 and ended on December 4, 1976 after 13 episodes.


"Big John, Little John" centered around a forty-year-old middle school science teacher named John Martin (Herbert Edelman). While vacationing in Florida, he drinks from a spring which turns out to be the legendary Fountain of Youth sought by Juan Ponce de León. The water changes him into a twelve-year-old boy (Robbie Rist), and back again.

The changes occur spontaneously and without warning. Because Martin only sipped the water, the changes are recurring and not permanent; according to legend, had he taken a full drink, he would be age 12 permanently.

Only his wife, Marjorie (Joyce Bulifant), and son, Ricky (Mike Darnell), know his secret, though Martin's students (who befriend him as "Little John") and his boss, principal Bertha Bottomly (Olive Dunbar), do become suspicious that something unusual is going on.

The Martin family explain the younger John as their nephew, staying with them. Throughout the series, "Big John" unsuccessfully tries to find a cure for his predicament, but his experiences as "Little John" often give him insight into what his students are facing.


  • Herb Edelman as Big John Martin
  • Robbie Rist as Little John Martin
  • Joyce Bulifant as Marjorie Martin
  • Mike Darnell as Ricky Martin
  • Olive Dunbar as Bertha Bottomly
  • Kristoff St. John as Homer
  • Cari Anne Warder as Valerie
  • Stephen Cassidy as Stanley