NBC Kids is a new channel ran by Sprout.

Premiering on July 7th, NBC KIDS will air these shows:

6:00am Funniest Pets And People (G)

6:30am The 7D 7:00am Sesame Street 8:00am Noodle & Doodle

8:30am Pajanimals

9:00am Poppy Cat

9:30am Justin Time

10:00am LazyTown

10:30am The Wiggles

11:00 The Chica Show

11:30 Tree Fu Tom

12:00 Astroblast!

12:30 Breadwinners 1:00 The Noise

1:30 Nina's World

2:00 Big Star, Little Star

3:00 The Noise (Mon-Fri) Beat the Clock (Sat-Sun)

3:30 Floogals (Mon-Fri) Earth to Luna! (Sat-Sun)

4:00 Funniest Pets and People

4:30 Clangers (Mon-Fri) Floogals (Sat-Sun)

5:00 Parker Plays

5:30 Beat the Clock

6:00 The Noise

6:30 The Noise

7:00 Top Chef Jr.

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