Reija Heiskanen is the woman from Finland. She was once broke in to Sonic's home and she had a husband named Nyyrikki Heiskanen. She grabbed a hold of Sonic, telling Amy Rose where the money is before she shoots at him. She's once dead by getting stabbed to death by a fireplace poker when Amy runs her right into it.

Third partEdit

  • Tails: Whoa. Oh my! Is she dead?
  • Amy: It don't matter, Tails. You, Sonic, and I are all safe for now.
  • Cornelia: Not so fast! Drop the weapon before the police arrives!
  • Amy: Cornelia, it's okay. It's over.
  • Cornelia: Is everyone okay here?
  • Amy: Tails, is hit.
  • Tails: I'm fine.
  • Cornelia: Where's Nyyrikki?
  • Tails: At the apartment. Alone?
  • Cornelia: No, Tails. The girls and I sent somebody to stay with him so they can survive. Well it's everybody from Finland. She didn't seemed to be dead after all. Until now. Taranee, get the news and the police to report this home as a crime scene.
  • Taranee: I'm on it, Cornelia.
  • Cornelia: So about this license. Her name is Reija Heiskanen. I'm taking this to Hay Lin's grandma Yan Lin. I'm glad you're okay.
  • Male Cop: Where's the suspect?
  • Amy: She's dead officer.
  • Male Cop: Is she really?
  • Tails: After Sonic escaped, officers. Amy runs her right into the fireplace poker.
  • Female Cop: So what's her name?
  • Tails: Her name is Reija Heiskanen.
  • Female Cop: What did you do that for, Amy?
  • Amy: I had to stop her from shooting at Sonic. So he ran to Cornelia.
  • Male Cop: So you had to do that, Amy.
  • Female Cop: All right everyone, out of the house.