The Brady Brides

The Brady Brides was a Syndication network sitcom series and spin-off of the ABC series "The Brady Bunch", created by Sherwood Schwartz & Lloyd J. Schwartz.

The show aired from February 6 to April 17, 1981, lasting for one season & 10 episodes. It was produced by Redwood Productions and Paramount Television.


The series centered on Marcia and Jan Brady sharing a house with their new husbands after getting married.


  • Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady Logan
  • Eve Plumb as Jan Brady Covington
  • Jerry Houser as Wally Logan
  • Ron Kuhlman as Philip Covington III
  • Florence Henderson as Carol Brady
  • Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson
  • Keland Love as Harry


A TV reunion movie called "The Brady Girls" Get Married was produced in 1981.

Although scheduled to be shown in its original full-length movie format, NBC at the last minute divided it into half-hour segments and showed one part a week for three weeks, and the fourth week debuted a spin-off sitcom titled "The Brady Brides."

The reunion movie featured the entire original cast, making it the only time the entire cast worked together on a single project following the cancellation of the original series.

Ten episodes were aired before "The Brady Brides" was cancelled.

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