The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo was a Syndication network action\adventure sitcom series and spin-off of "B. J. and the Bear", created by Glen A. Larson.

The show aired from September 18, 1979 to May 5, 1981, lasting for two seasons & 37 episodes. It was produced by Glen A. Larson Productions and Universal TV.


Set in fictitious Orly County, Georgia, Sheriff Lobo is the lead enforcer of the law, as well as one of its leading offenders.

The corrupt, but now somewhat reformed, sheriff is assisted in his schemes by Deputy Perkins, whose buffoonery often upsets and exacerbates the situation.

An honest but naive new deputy, Birdwell "Birdie" Hawkins, who is unaware of Lobo's schemes has joined the force and has become one of Lobo's deputies.


  • Claude Akins as Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
  • Mills Watson as Deputy Perkins
  • Brian Kerwin as Deputy Birdwell "Birdie" Hawkins
  • Cydney Crampton as Rose Lobo Perkins
  • Janet Lynn Curtis as Margaret Ellen
  • Leann Hunley as Sarah Cumberland
  • Dennis Burkley as Harry Cunningham
  • Nell Carter as Sergeant Hildy Jones
  • Nicolas Coster as Chief J.C. Carson
  • Amy Botwinick as Peaches
  • Tara Buckman as Brandy
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